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How To Build More Revenue With Your Salon Suite

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When you embark on your salon suite journey at Salon Concepts you are never alone. You’re surrounded by like-minded beauty professionals along with the experienced and marketing-savvy Salon Concepts team. We understand the challenges of operating your own salon suite business and will equip you with the tools to succeed.

Generating More Revenue with Your Salon Suite

How can I attract new clients? How do I increase revenue through referrals? Are the tools easy to use? Watch how these salon suite professionals are thriving as they live the suite life each and every day.


Clara: So on average those who use the build my book feature generate 2,700 dollars a year in revenue by simply flipping a switch. In addition an average of 41 new clients a year, and again, those clients can give you new clients by going through word of mouth. So build my book is a great feature if you’re looking to fill those small holes in your day with hair cuts, or brow waxing, whatever it might be. You can turn build my book on with just individual services that you want to fill those holes through out your day.

Ashlee: I actually gained a woman off of build my book and she has referred ten other women.

Lisa: Wow!

Ashlee: Ten other friends of hers through her community, through her church, to me. So that has blown my doors off,
really, when she said that you can gain referrals off of build my book and the people that they bring to your chairs, they’re not lying. This works.

Lisa: That’s incredible.

Ashlee: I’ve had several stories like that, and actually that group of specific women is very uplifting women. They all are very tight community of women. So it’s a great group of girls to work with and keep up with and it’s just heartwarming to see that there’s people out there still trying to, you know, getting together and communicating and talking and referring good people to good people.

Okay, so I started using build my book in 2019. It was super-easy to get signed up for. Renee just came out for a quick visit, walked me through how I go and add my services and what services. Like Clara said, you don’t need to add all of the services. So perhaps if you just want hair cuts, if you just want to fill your little gaps in throughout the day, you can just turn that feature on. So Renee walked through with me, turned it on for me. It was very simple. And just in the time, since September of 2019, I have generated, or you guys have helped me generate over a hundred new clients. And I have also generated for myself, $5,900 dollars in extra money that I didn’t even have access to had it not been for this program.

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