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The Faces of Salon Concepts


The beauty professionals who comprise the Salon Concepts family are unique in their own way, each with a different story. Today, we open the doors at our Edina and Montgomery locations to introduce you to two individuals living the suite life on their terms.

Tracy Larson
Salon Concepts Edina

Tracy arrived at Salon Concepts after operating her own salon. “The team at Edina was so gracious and helpful during the transition,” said Tracy.

Tracy had many responsibilities in her previous role as a salon owner. “Now, I’m so happy to come to work and focus entirely on my customers. I no longer have to worry about the daily tasks. I feel like I’ve given myself the gift of time,” added Tracy.

When not at the Edina location, Tracy enjoys spending time with her husband, two sons, and her dog Bozz. “I am blessed to be in the business for 35 years, having experienced commission, rental, educating and salon ownership. Last but not least, I am now living the suite life!”

Kelley Skidmore
Salon Concepts Montgomery

Kelley found his way to cosmetology after starting his career as a Dietary Supervisor in East Cleveland, Ohio. “I quit my job and waited tables to support myself so I could chase my dream of becoming a stylist,” said Kelley.

His attraction to Salon Concepts was driven, in part, by a desire to have more control over his money and product offerings.” I wanted to supply and use the products I believe in. Salon Concepts afforded me that opportunity,” Kelley emphasized.

“I love cutting and coloring hair. I also am a wizard at fades on men’s cuts, and I have a special knack with the elderly and youth,” exclaimed Kelley.

Kelley resides in Milford, Ohio with his husband of 17 years. When not at work, Kelley enjoys hiking, reading, swimming, his yard and charity work. He supports St. Baldricks, The Bethany House and many other charities.

If you’re ready to join Tracy and Kelley and become the next face of Salon Concepts, in Cincinnati contact Clara England,; or in Minneapolis, contact Lisa Jorgensen,, or Renee Vermilyea,

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