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The Faces of Salon Concepts


The Faces of Salon Concepts

The beauty professionals who comprise the Salon Concepts family are unique in their own way, each with a different story. Today, we open the doors at our St. Louis Park and West Chester locations to introduce you to a nail technician, esthetician and barber living the suite life on their terms.

Rhonda Hansford
Salon Concepts St. Louis Park


Sometimes good things come to those who wait. Nail technician Rhonda Hansford was on a wait list for a year and a half; then on her 50th birthday, she received a call saying her Salon Concepts suite was ready.

The wait was clearly worthwhile. “I love the ability, and flexibility to run my business and service my clients in alignment with my standards of excellence. The community of other professionals who are committed to doing the same without the drama, is a dream come true.”

Rhonda has been a Nail Tech and Beauty Industry Professional for over 30 years. She also runs a Health and Wellness business and recently received her Certification as a Life and Health Coach. “The Suite life allows me the opportunity to work, serve, and grow, without limitations!”

Samantha Kohl
Salon Concepts St. Louis Park


Samantha has been an esthetician for 22 years. Over time she grew as an individual and professional, and knew it was time to start her own company.

“I chose Salon Concepts because of the ‘feel.’ The energy and other suite owners were fun, respectful and professional. I could not have asked for a better work environment.”

The support she receives from Salon Concepts is an important aspect of Samantha’s suite life. “The Build My Book feature is fantastic for new local referrals. I have a well-established book of business yet still added 31 new clients by turning on Build My Book.”

What is her favorite part about the suite life? “I feel so proud to own an established skin care business. To cultivate, nurture and grow your creation feels pretty incredible. The collection of artists at St. Louis Park is phenomenal. It is wonderful to flourish in an environment with creative, like-minded and enthusiastic artists.”

Harold Smith
Salon Concepts West Chester


Salon Concepts is home to more than cosmetologists, nail techs and estheticians. Harold Smith is a barber living the suite life in our West Chester location.

“The thing I like most about Salon Concepts is that it’s a warm and welcoming place to work and my clients love the environment.”

Harold has been a barber for over 24 years. “I enjoy meeting all walks of life and giving them a service that is appreciated. Being able to accommodate both professional and blue collar workers gives me a sense of purpose, from important business meetings to job interviews I’m there for them.”

“I’m in a great place to share my talents at Salon Concepts and for that I am grateful.”

If you’re ready to join Rhonda, Samantha and Harold and become the next face of Salon Concepts, in Cincinnati contact Clara England,; or in Minneapolis, contact Lisa Jorgensen,, or Renee Vermilyea,

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