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Dawn James

Dawn James Hair Stylist Montgomery

Master Stylist

About I have been working in the beauty industry for nearly 27 years, specializing in color, organic highlights, threading & waxing, precision cutting, as well as casual and formal styling for the entire family.I have developed my career with the dedicated work of learning every position within the salon industry, and then opening my first salon in 2004. With a vision to create a space where the entire family is welcomed, dj’s Style offers me the ability to express my passion with creative freedom. My love for this profession is shared with each client’s service with an "unapologetic" level of perfectionism, that demands the very best of my abilities, as my clients have come to expect. Additionally, I support upcoming stylists and local beauty schools, as I am also a licensed Instructor who offers a summer internship programs within my suite. When I am not behind the chair, I enjoy spending time with my long-term boyfriend and our 3 dogs (Sophie, Jack and Nugget, aka “the kids”), or I'm in my craft studio making the next collection of handmade greeting cards!



All Over Color

  • Starting at $75.00

    Color Correction per hour

    This is for corrective color, and a consultation is required before scheduling any further services LoadingBook
  • Starting at $105.00

    Color and Highlights

    formally "Double Color/Precision Haircut/Style" LoadingBook

All Over Color & Cut

  • Starting at $105.00

    All Over Color/Haircut & Style

    This service is for new color applications LoadingBook


  • Starting at $90.00

    Baylayage/Ombre Full Highlight

    formally "Retouch Organic Highlights/Precision Haircut/Style" LoadingBook

Balayage and Cut

  • Starting at $90.00

    Balayage & Haircut

    Formally listed as "Organic Highlights/Precision Haircut/Style" LoadingBook
  • Starting at $100.00

    Full Balayage + Haircut

    Formally known as "New Organic Highlights, Precision Haircut, and Style" LoadingBook

Blow Out

  • Starting at $27.00

    Shampoo Style/ Blowout

    Shampoo, Condition, Blow dry, and Casual Styling (not meant for formal events) LoadingBook

Cheek/Face Wax

  • Starting at $45.00

    Threading full face

    Eyebrows, lip, chin, and neck LoadingBook

Children's Cut

  • Starting at $23.00

    Children's Haircut & Style

    age 11 and under LoadingBook
  • Starting at $23.00

    Haircut Student 11 and up

    Youth Haircut, age 11-17 LoadingBook
  • Starting at $16.00

    Kids Haircut

    age 11 and under, does not include shampooing LoadingBook

Color Correction

  • Starting at $25.00

    Base Break

    formally listed as "Hairline & Main Part ONLY" coloring service, and includes no haircut, and basic styling LoadingBook
  • Starting at $40.00

    Base Break + Blow Dry

    this service is for a root touch up on the hairline and Main part ONLY, and includes a blow dry, no additional styling. LoadingBook

Color Retouch

  • Starting at $80.00

    Root Touch-Up

    does not include a haircut, but does includ casual styling LoadingBook

Color Retouch and Cut

  • Starting at $130.00

    Color New Growth + Accent Highlight + Haircut

    Retouch color with Organic Highlights, precision haircut, and style LoadingBook
  • Starting at $90.00

    Root Touch-Up/ Haircut & Style

    Retouch color, precision haircut, and casual styling LoadingBook

Eyebrow Wax

  • Starting at $15.00

    Brow Threading

  • Starting at $15.00

    Brow Wax



  • Misc. 15

    15 mins additional time needed for some services/clients needs LoadingBook
  • Misc. 30

    30 mins additional time needed for some services/clients needs LoadingBook
  • Misc. 45

    45 mins additional time needed for some services/clients needs LoadingBook
  • Misc. 60

    60 mins additional time needed for some services/clients needs LoadingBook

Full Highlights

  • Starting at $130.00

    Foil High and Low Lights

    Double color foil w/o haircut LoadingBook

Full Highlights and cut

  • Starting at $130.00

    Full Foil/ Haircut & Style


Full Keratin

  • Starting at $100.00

    Keratin Treatment

    includes precision haircut and style LoadingBook

Gel Polish Manicure

  • Starting at $30.00

    Shellac Manicure

    Basic manicuring with shellac polishing LoadingBook

Gelish Nails

  • Starting at $40.00

    Shellac Polish Change

    For the toes, and basic nail clean up and shaping LoadingBook
  • Starting at $15.00

    Shellac Removal

    with nail shaping LoadingBook

Lip Wax

  • Starting at $15.00

    Lip wax or thread

    Lip wax or thread LoadingBook

Makeup Application

  • Starting at $27.00

    Ear Piercing

  • Starting at $30.00

    Make-up Application

    Clients need to provide their own foundation LoadingBook

Men's Color

  • Starting at $55.00

    Mens Color and Haircut


Men's Cut

  • Starting at $27.00

    Men's Haircut

    includes "Manscaping", defined as cleaning up eyebrows, facial hair, ears, nose, and a straight razor shave on the neck hairline. LoadingBook
  • Starting at $6.00

    Neck Trim

    Hairline clean up only LoadingBook

Partial Highlights & Cut

  • Starting at $155.00

    All Over Color / Partial Foil Highlight & Haircut

    New color service with Partial foil application, precision haircut, and style LoadingBook
  • Starting at $95.00

    Partial Foil/Haircut & Style


Permanent Waving

  • Starting at $50.00

    Partial Permanent Wave

  • Starting at $95.00


    for Medium length hair, includes a precision haircut and style LoadingBook
  • Starting at $80.00

    Perm w/Haircut

    this service is for short hair, and includes styling LoadingBook
  • Starting at $125.00

    Speciality Wrap Perm

    this perming option is for long hair only, and includes a precision haircut and style LoadingBook

Special Occasion Style

  • Starting at $75.00

    Bridal Updo

    This is specifically for a Bride, as more time is provided for her big day! LoadingBook
  • Starting at $60.00

    Formal Style (bride)

    This is for a trial run for a Bride, not the correct appt for Wedding Day LoadingBook
  • Starting at $55.00

    Formal Styling

    This service is for those attending dances, evening events, or special events LoadingBook

Women's Cut

  • Starting at $6.00

    Bang Trim

  • Starting at $15.00

    Chlorine & Mineral Removal

    1 treatment to removal chlorine build up, no styling included LoadingBook
  • Starting at $45.00

    Natural Hair Care

    ethnic/multi cultural hairstyling LoadingBook
  • Starting at $23.00

    Senior Women's Cut

    65yrs and older LoadingBook
  • Starting at $27.00

    Woman's Haircut

    Shampoo, condition, precision haircut, and blow dry. LoadingBook
  • Starting at $37.00

    Women's Haircut & Style

    Shampoo, condition, precision haircut, and casual styling LoadingBook
  • Starting at $42.00

    Womens' Haircut, Style & Wax

    wax can be changed to Threading Service, please let me know which you prefer LoadingBook


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  • Deva Curl
  • Kenra
  • Rusk
  • Shellac
  • Tressa
  • Woody's Grooming for Men
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