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Kow Katchers by: Jade Getskow

Kow Katchers by: Jade Getskow Esthetician Blaine

Lash Expert


Hello Beauties, My name Is Jade GetsKOW. I have been in the lash industry for 3 years. I decided to take my career into the lash field because there was so much to learn! New techniques and new products always coming out! There are so many ways to change how your eyes can look with each individual lash map. It’s amazing. Within the last year I wanted to push myself to be a better lash technician. So I put in the work and became the lash educator at The Salon Professional Academy! I love that I can help teach and spread the lash love to all that are willing to learn!

I absolutely love transforming women’s looks, and how lashes can make or change your look. Whether you want more a dramatic look or keeping it simple and natural for everyday use.

I can’t wait to meet you! Put that perfect wink into that everyday glow. No mess no hassle!

Carefree lashes!!!

Much love to you ladies,

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

But most of all I’ll see you soon!

Jade Getskow

Kow Katchers



Classic Lash Fill

  • Starting at $50.00

    Classic Refill

    30% or more lashes still left on LoadingBook
  • Patch test

    Putting a couple lashes on the outer corner lashes to test out if any allergies are present. LoadingBook
  • Starting at $40.00

    Touch up.

    30 min touch up for bare spots LoadingBook

Classic Lash Full Set

  • Starting at $85.00

    Classic Full Set

    One extension to one natural lash LoadingBook

Eyelash Tinting

  • Starting at $20.00

    Lash tint

    Tinting your natural lashes LoadingBook

Hybrid Full Set

  • Starting at $100.00

    Hybrid Full Set

    Some volumes and some classic lashes intermixed for a fluffier look. LoadingBook

Hybrid Lash Fill

  • Starting at $60.00

    Hybrid Refill

    30% or more lashes still left on LoadingBook

Lash Extension Removal

  • Starting at $20.00

    Extension Removal

    Removing previous extensions LoadingBook

Lash Lift

  • Starting at $60.00

    Lash lift

    Temporarily curling your natural lashes LoadingBook

Volume Lash 3D-5D Full Set

  • Starting at $120.00

    Volume Full set

    All volume fans (one per natural lash) LoadingBook

Volume Lash Fill 3D-5D

  • Starting at $70.00

    Volume Refill

    30% or more lashes still left on LoadingBook