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Jessica Buck

Jessica Buck Esthetician Burnsville

Wax Technician


Minnesota's first Cannabidiol (CBD) Based Waxing Studio!
Never underestimate the power of an eyebrow. If you've ever walked into a room without a stitch of makeup on and not felt like the most powerful person in the room, then you need me in your life. Hi, my name is Jess and I'm your new waxing girl. I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist, Lash Lift Certified, have a Salon Managers License and am currently enrolled in an Elevated Advocate CBD Coaching program.  I have extensive training in waxing techniques, specialize in Brazilians, and offer professional head to toe hair removal services.
I've always been inspired by my family's Bath & Body business and quickly became obsessed with skincare and ingredient knowledge. It came as no surprise that I enrolled in beauty school after I graduated. Throughout my training of nails, hair, and facials, I couldn't help but notice everyones eyebrows. If they just tweezed a little here, or if I could add a little bit of an arch there. I pretty much felt in my soul that I needed to be a hair removal specialist.
As an advocate for the research and science behind the Cannabis Plant, I decided to sign up for a CBD coaching program to learn the healing properties behind it all and using it topically. Doing research, I found that no one in Minnesota has infused wax, which inspired me even more. Waxing is a form of trauma to the skin, leaving it irritable and inflamed. My custom-blended CBD infused wax helps neutralize the skin during the service with its high levels of vitamin E and other nutrients.  Because this industry is not regulated, it is up to us to set the standard so that you can trust your CBD infused skincare is pure, organic, processed properly, and falls within the legal limits of the 2018 Agricultural Farm Bill . Whether you're interested in our regular or infused services, I guarantee you'll leave feeling like you could run the mf'in world!

CannaWax has some important news, updates, and policies for clients!

• Cancellation Policy 
Your appointment at CannaWax is very important to me. I take the time to review notes, remember products you love, and look forward to you coming in.  Your time is reserved especially for you. I understand that last minute scheduling conflicts come up or last minute cancellations are necessary. Please understand that when you cancel or forget your appointment without giving enough notice, I miss the opportunity to fill that spot. Your appointment is confirmed 24-48 hours before your scheduled visit because I know how easy it is to forget a date you set weeks ago. Therefore, I respectfully request at least 24 hours advance notice. After the third cancellation or no show within 24 hours you will be charged an additional half of your service/what you are booked for at your next appointment. 

• Contact hours 
Most of my clients reach out to me via text ( which is ABSOLUTELY more than okay ), and some reach out via email. However, I will not be responding to messages outside of my business hours. Those hours are Wednesday 3pm-9pm, Thursday & Friday 12pm-9pm, and Saturday 10am-4pm. If you absolutely need to get a hold of me for an emergency, need to cancel an upcoming appointment, or have any questions or concerns, you may email me if it’s on a Sunday Monday or Tuesday and I will respond accordingly.

• As a policy of Salon Concepts as a whole, and as a safety and courtesy precaution on my end, the salon does not allow children in the area during services.

These policies are in place to help me balance my personal life and professional life, and to keep your children safe. I hope you understand, and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Again, thank you SO much for supporting me and my business.

Xoxo, Jess     



Back Wax

  • Starting at $59.00

    Back Wax (Full)

    Service includes hair removal from lower neck and shoulders all the way down to your tailbone, leaving your entire back hair free. LoadingBook
  • Starting at $29.00

    Back Wax (Half)

    Service includes hair removal from either upper neck to mid-rib, or mid-rib to tailbone, leaving half of your back hair free! LoadingBook
  • Starting at $14.00

    Neck Wax


Bikini Wax

  • Starting at $39.00

    Bikini Wax

    Service includes hair removal from outer groin to about two finger widths inside the panty line. Hair is also removed off the top, leaving the bikini area hair free! LoadingBook

Brazilian Wax

  • Starting at $55.00

    Brazilian Wax

    Service includes hair removal from the entire front to the back, including the inner backside and stomach strip! LoadingBook

Cheek/Face Wax

  • Starting at $12.00

    Ear Wax

    Ear Wax LoadingBook
  • Starting at $39.00

    Full Face Wax

    Service includes hair removal from the forehead to under your jawbone, leaving your full face hair free! (Excludes eyebrows) LoadingBook
  • Starting at $13.00

    Nose Wax

    Wax LoadingBook
  • Starting at $12.00

    Sideburn wax

    Service includes hair removal from the top of the ear down the the jaw bone, leaving your sideburns behind! LoadingBook

Chest Wax

  • Starting at $30.00

    Abdomen Wax

    Service includes hair removal from your sternum down to your hip bones, leaving your abdomen hair free! LoadingBook
  • Starting at $59.00

    Chest Wax

    Service includes hair removal from the collar bone to the hip bone, leaving your full chest hair free! LoadingBook
  • Starting at $12.00

    Nipple wax

    Wax LoadingBook

Chin Wax

  • Starting at $11.00

    Chin Wax

    Service includes hair removal from the lower lip to right beneath the jaw bone, saying goodbye to those whiskers for good! LoadingBook
  • Starting at $18.00



Eyebrow Extensions

  • Starting at $21.00

    Brow Tinting


Eyebrow Wax

  • Starting at $25.00

    Brow & Lip Wax (Package)

    Service includes a customized brow wax, trim, tweeze, and full lip wax! LoadingBook
  • Starting at $35.00

    Brow Tint and Wax

    Service includes a customized brow wax, trim, tweeze, and tint. Save $5 total with this package deal! LoadingBook
  • Starting at $19.00

    Brow Wax

    Service includes a customized full brow wax, trim and tweeze. LoadingBook

Eyelash Extensions

  • Starting at $30.00

    Eye Lash Tinting

    Ditch the mascara and say hello to beautiful and dark lashes. LoadingBook


  • $86.00

    Lash lift


Full Arm Wax

  • Starting at $42.00

    Arm Wax

    Service includes the fingers, hand, and full arm including your shoulder, so your entire arms are hair free! LoadingBook

Full Leg Wax

  • Starting at $73.00

    Full Leg Wax

    Service includes hair removal from the top of the thighs all the way down to the toes, leaving your full legs hair free! LoadingBook

Half Arm Wax

  • Starting at $32.00

    Half Arm

    Service includes hair removal from the top of shoulder to just below the elbow, or right above the elbow down to your fingers! LoadingBook

Half Leg Wax

  • Starting at $39.00

    Half Leg Wax

    Service includes hair removal from the top of the thigh down to just below the knee, or right above the knee down to your toes! LoadingBook

Lip Wax

  • Starting at $11.00

    Lip Wax

    Service includes hair removal from the upper lip, the sides, and the lower lip, leaving the full area hair free. LoadingBook

Underarm Wax

  • Starting at $22.00

    Under Arm Wax