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Joshua Dellwo

Joshua Dellwo Hair Stylist Blaine

Master barber


A true gentleman from Northern California to Minnesota! I truly enjoy my career as a barber and appreciate every individual who sits in my chair . I take my time because for me it’s quality over quantity and the best part for me is that interpersonal relationship . 

When I’m not in church , with my family or with my 4 legged ?kids(pup’s) I’m at the shop doing my best for you to look your best to feel your best so you can be your best .... it’s the gentleman’s way ! 



Beard Trim

  • Starting at $15.00

    Beard trim with straight razor line up

    beard trim includes straight razor finish LoadingBook

Children's Cut

  • Starting at $25.00

    Young Gentlemens haircut (10 years and younger)

    Kids hair cut LoadingBook


  • Starting at $15.00


    Facial treatment includes hot towel and face moisturizer massage LoadingBook

Men's Cut

  • Starting at $20.00

    Hair and beard line up

    clipper lining around the head and beard included with straight razor finish LoadingBook
  • Starting at $30.00

    Hair cut

    Haircut includes shampoo and straight razor edge up LoadingBook
  • Starting at $40.00

    Hair cut & beard trim with straight razor line up

    Includes optional shampoo and razor edge up LoadingBook
  • Starting at $15.00

    Hair line up

    Clipper lining around the head not the face. Includes straight razor line up LoadingBook


  • Starting at $25.00

    Hot lather face shave

    Hot lather face shave includes hot lather, hot towel . Traditional straight razor shave LoadingBook
  • Starting at $25.00

    Hot leather head shave

    Hot leather head shave Includes hot leather, hot towel. Traditional hot lather straight razor shave LoadingBook