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Mary Schuft

Mary Schuft Hair Stylist Chanhassen



Hi there, my name is Mary

To book your appointment please visit text me if you have any issues booking!!

For online retail sales please visit

A little about me.

My interest in hair started when I was young, it started with braiding the kids hair at my moms in home daycare. In high school I worked at a salon, taking appts, cleaning up, and helping the stylists out. I never even questioned going to school for anything other than cosmetology, it always seemed natural to me. I graduated from regency beauty academy in 2003, after school I did my apprenticeship at Spalon Montage in Edina and stayed with the company for 7 years. 

People always ask, “What is your favorite thing to do”? The great thing about being self employed is that I only provide services that I love, all the service options on my service menu are my favorite things to do! Every cut comes with a blowout with a round brush, I’m not big on irons and hot tools, I actually don’t even have any in my salon :) All men’s cut are done shears over comb! I don’t own a clippers, mine was taken away from me during my apprenticeship. I don’t even know how to use one, maybe one day ill learn but most likely not, I enjoy the controls I have with using my shears. 

Other credentials

Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner certificates by bodymind intitute. That’s 17 different nutrition certifications!! 

Spring forest qigong with Master Lin, levels 1, 2 and 3. 

Craniosacral therapy with Dr.Carol Phillips, levels 1, 2, 3 and 4

Modern mystery school second level initiate

sacred geometry 1,2,3&4

Other services I provide

*Max Mediation and Reiki every Monday from 7-8 at power and finesse fitness

*One on one lifestyle/nutrition coaching. For more information visit

*Services I provide at the Modern Mystery School Minneapolis

Certified by the Modern Mystery School

Gemstone Healing.

Magickal healing rites with crystals

Life Activations

Shamanic Aura Healing

For more information please visit, the modern mystery school Minneapolis website.


Product info

Protecting our environment when at home and in the salon is very important to me. I do as much as I can to not add to the damage we have done and are doing to our planet. I use the cleanest products I can find, always. These are a few products I have in my salon that I love and want to share with everyone. All supplement orders and Davines products I don’t have in salon (do to limited space) are special ordered for you! 

Davines hair products

Young living oils and most of the thieves line


CBD clinic level 4 and 5

Innovate CBD lozenges 

Quinton essentials 

Longevity soda drops

Live Ultimate products

Preferred method of Payment

Cash or check




Credit card

Contact info;

online booking or texting is the best way to book an appt. with me.

612-279-8648 (google voice) 

Cancellation policy: I require a 48 hour cancellation notice for all services. please email, call or text to reschedule if something comes up and you are unable to make your appt. 50 % of your full service price is due for no-shows and cancelations that aren't made 48 hrs before appointment time.

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All Over Color

  • Starting at $85.00

    All Over Color

    100% of your hair is covered, from scalp to end. I wash you. I blow you out. 90 min LoadingBook

All Over Color & Cut

  • Starting at $150.00

    All Over Color & Haircut

    100% of your hair is covered, from scalp to end.p Process, wash, cut and blow dry. 105 min LoadingBook

Blow Out

  • Starting at $45.00

    Blow Out

    I wash your hair. blow it out with a round brush. flat iron if needed. This does not include curls. LoadingBook

Color Correction

  • Starting at $35.00

    Base Break

    This is an add on service for the blondes who want their base broken with their Full Foil. This helps your color grow out “softer” Wash. Color. Wash. Make a comment when... read more LoadingBook
  • Starting at $75.00

    Base Break + Blow Dry

    This is a add on service for the blondes who want their base broken with their Full Foil. This helps your color grow out “softer” . Wash. Color. Wash. blow dry LoadingBook
  • Corrective Color-Consult Needed

    You colored your hair at home with a box. oops. you need me to fix it. Please email or call to schedule. Timing is book on what needs to be done. LoadingBook

Color Retouch

  • Starting at $135.00

    Color retouch + patial foil

    Color over regrowth. Add a few Foils where needed. Wash color out. Blow out hair. 105 min LoadingBook
  • Starting at $75.00

    Just Roots

    I color your regrowth. I wash you. I blow you out. 90 min LoadingBook

Color Retouch and Cut

  • Starting at $215.00

    Color Retouch / Half Foil / Haircut

    Color your regrowth. Add foils over most of the head where needed.Wash out. I cut your hair and blow you out. 120min LoadingBook
  • Starting at $195.00

    Color Retouch / Partial Foil / Haircut

    Color over regrowth. Add a few Foils where needed. Wash color out. I cut your hair. 120 min LoadingBook
  • Starting at $140.00

    Just Roots & Haircut

    I color you out growth. process. wash your out, cut your hair and blow your out LoadingBook


  • Extensions

    Tape in hair extensions. This is a consult appt only. We will go over how much hair to order, match your color and go over price. Price of hair is due when the hair order is p... read more LoadingBook
  • Starting at $250.00


    A consultant is required for this service LoadingBook
  • Starting at $350.00

    Hair extensions removal and reapply

    If I haven’t done your extensions yet, A consultation is needed before booking this appt. LoadingBook

Full Highlights

  • Starting at $120.00

    Full Foil

    Foils over the whole head. Wash you out. Blow you out. LoadingBook
  • Starting at $25.00



Full Highlights and cut

  • Starting at $180.00

    Full Foil & Haircut

    Foils over the whole head. Wash you out.I cut your hair.I Blow you out. 120min LoadingBook

Men's Color

  • Starting at $45.00

    Men's Color

    wash you. color you. wash you. dry you. LoadingBook
  • Starting at $90.00

    Men's Color & Haircut

    wash you. cut your hair ( all shears here, no clippers) rinse. color. rinse. dry. style. LoadingBook

Men's Cut

  • Starting at $55.00

    Manly Haircut

    We chat, I wash you, I cut, I wash, I style (if you like product) All cuts are done with a shears and comb. No clippers here. 30 min LoadingBook
  • Neck Trim

    This is for my men who need their necks cleaned up in between haircuts. If its been over 3 weeks please book a full cut, this won’t get you what you need. 15 min LoadingBook

Partial Highlights

  • Starting at $105.00

    Half Head Foil with Blow Dry

    Foils around the baseball cap section of the head, you process for 30 min then I wash you and Blow you out. 90min LoadingBook
  • Starting at $95.00

    Partial Foil/Blow Dry only

    Covering the top section of your head ( not the sides), also includes a blow dry. LoadingBook

Partial Highlights & Cut

  • Starting at $165.00

    Half Head Foil with Haircut

    Foils around the baseball cap section of the head.Then I wash you. I cut your hair I Blow you out. 105 min LoadingBook
  • Starting at $155.00

    Partial Foil and Haircut

    Foils on the top section of the head ( not the sides) with a haircut LoadingBook

Women's Cut

  • Starting at $15.00

    Bang Trim ( this service is for regular clients only)

    For the ladies who need their bangs cleaned up between haircuts. This service is free for my clients. LoadingBook
  • Starting at $65.00

    Woman's Haircut

    Consultation, I wash you, I cut your hair, I blow out your hair. 45 min LoadingBook


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