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All Over Color

  • Starting at $100.00

    All over color + foils

  • Starting at $125.00

    All-Over Hair Color

    Also commonly called “single-process hair color,” all-over color is a one-step process that involves coating the hair with a single shade. Within all-over/single process... read more LoadingBook

All Over Color & Cut

  • Starting at $100.00




  • $150.00



Beard Trim

  • Men's Awesome Beard Trim (Tim)


Classic Lash Full Set

  • Starting at $110.00

    Full Set

    Full Lash Set LoadingBook

Color Retouch

  • Starting at $140.00


    Hair color retouches are a girl’s best friend. That dreaded regrowth that you see in between salon visits? Retouches work that mess out. “How?” you ask. Instead of dye... read more LoadingBook

Eyebrow Wax

  • Starting at $15.00


    Test LoadingBook

Full Highlights

  • $90.00

    Full Highlights

    No cut or style included LoadingBook
  • Starting at $150.00


    In essence, hair highlights are meant to mimic the effects of the sun on your hair. You know that perfect, shimmery, sun-kissed look of your youth? Highlights achieve that fea... read more LoadingBook

Full Highlights and cut

  • Starting at $130.00

    Full Highlights with Cut

    does not include style LoadingBook

Men's Cut

  • Starting at $50.00

    Bowl Cut

    Hair in the forward-facing of the head that is worn down over the forehead; occasionally also called “fringe.” Bangs can be lengthy or small, and can be worn straight down... read more LoadingBook
  • Brush Cut

    For the brush cut, the flanks and posterior are cut short and tapered, but the hair on the top of the head is usually cut to the same length (i.e., no tapering in length on th... read more LoadingBook
  • Starting at $40.00

    Business Man's Cut

    A business man’s cut is a common term for an old-fashioned, short (but not too short) haircut that is suitable for an office location. It frequently refers to a tapered cut... read more LoadingBook
  • Starting at $30.00

    Senior Haircut

    Haircut 55 and over LoadingBook

Women's Cut

  • Starting at $45.00

    Woman's Cut

    Woman's Cut Long Hair LoadingBook


  • Rhonda Allison
  • 12 Benefits
  • All-Nutrient
  • Artistry
  • Bed Head
  • Bella Lucce'
  • Belmacil
  • Biotone
  • Clarisonic
  • Copola
  • Crack
  • Easilengths Hair Extensions
  • Goldwell
  • Grande Lash
  • Grund
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Redken
  • Redken Shades EQ
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