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3657 Stone Creek Blvd.
Cincinnati, OH 45251
Amanda (Brown) Listermann - Managing Cosmetologist

Amanda (Brown) Listermann

Managing Cosmetologist

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"Where art and perfection meet"
I have been working in the Cosmetology industry for 10+ years.  I worked at Phyllis at the Madison and specialized in Hair Cutting.  I learned the French Cut while I worked there.  The French Cut is a technique where the layers are cut and blend exceptionally well and works with the shape of the head. The French Technique is created by working from the top of the head down; just like shingles on a roof, they all lay perfectly together, on top of each other.  Since the layers are blended very well, the style grows out well.  I  then worked at an Aveda salon for 5 years.  I absolutely fell in love with natural hair care products.

The styling products as well as shampoo and conditioner I use is NEUMA.   NEUMA uses certified organic extracts and plant based ingredients.  NEUMA is an American hair care company and also a line committed to Beautiful Sustainability without compromise. The bottles that NEUMA's products are made in are 100% recycled milk jugs.  "NEUMA brings beauty, health and well-being to hair.  Our collection of professional performance beauty products contain ingredients which above all, do No harm- because like you, we care for earthy and hair." NEUMA does NOT allow 13 ingredients (ask me abut the NO-NO list) in all of their products, one of the highest (if not the highest) in the Beauty Industry! NEUMA and I care about the health and sustainability for what we using on our bodies as well as for the Earth!

I am now using All Nutrient Hair Color, an American color line committed to Beauty and Sustainability.  "All-Nutrient┬« Permanent Cream Haircolor uses the healthiest, most natural ingredients known to exist, nurturing each strand with the nutrients it needs and none of the chemicals it doesn't."  All Nutrient is the healthiest, ammonia (low levels), gentlest, organic hair color I have found that delivers the results that other hair colors deliver without ALL the synthetic, man made, bad ingredients that most hair color brands use in their color lines.  Their standards go hand in hand with NEUMA!
I also offer color that is Ammonia Free ! The Ammonia Free Color has 100% grey coverage and colors hair without the damage from the ammonia.

 I completely believe in the use of natural and organic products; do not need as much of the products, better for the environment and much better for you.  I take complete pride in my profession.  I love what I do and love making people feel great about themselves.

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  • Men's Haircut & Style - $25 & up
  • Women's Haircut & Style - $45 & up
  • Blow Dry & Style - $32 & up
  • Foil Highlight - Full head Foil Highlight. Price includes one color $90 & up. If you would like a haircut also, please choose the Foil Highlight & Haircut service.
  • Up Do - Please have your hair washed and dried the day before this service. The hair curls and holds better when it is a bit "dirty"
  • Children's Haircut & Style - Children under the age of 10: $20 & up Children ages 10- 18: $32 & up
  • Waxing - Brow: $12 Lip: $12 Chin: $12 Any Two: 20 Full Face: 30 Price does not include Luxury Tax
  • All Over Color / Partial Foil Highlight - All over color with a Partial Foil $105 & up. If you need a Haircut also please choose the All Over Color / Parital Foil Highlight & Haircut.
  • Womens' Haircut, Style & Wax - Wax has a Luxury Tax added on to the price, $57 & up.
  • All Over Color & Haircut - Retouch with Haircut is $105 & up and All over Color application with Haircut is $115& up.
  • All Over Color / Partial Foil Highlight & Haircut - All Over Color with a Partial foil and Haircut is $155 & up
  • Foil Highlight & Haircut - Full Head of Foil Highlights and Haircut. Price includes one color, $135 & up.
  • Brow Tinting - Tinting the brows, lasts about 2-3 months. $15 plus Luxury tax
  • Partial Foil Highlight & Haircut - Top and sides of the head are foiled with a haircut and style. Price includes one color, $110 & up
  • Partial Foil High Light - Top and sides of the head are foiled. If you also would like a haircut, please include that service. Price includes one color, $65 & up
  • All Over Color - If you would like a haircut, please choose the All Over Color & Haircut. Retouch is $60 & up and All over Color application is $70 & up
  • Bang Trim
  • Spotlight - Need a touch up in between highlights? This is a great alternative, just a few foils to get you by until your next partial or full highlight. $40 & up This does not include a blow dry/style


All-Nutrient, Davines, Neuma w/Certified Organic Extracts