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3657 Stone Creek Blvd.
Cincinnati, OH 45251
Jennifer Edwards - Nail tech

Jennifer Edwards

Nail tech

Call or e-mail to book.
??Nailed by jenn!! Call me for all ur Nail needs!! Basic mani/pedi shellac mani/pedi acrylic full set/fill in, Crome powder,custom designs,pink/white...kiara sky dip powder , colored acrylic!book ur appointment by texting, calling 513-487-9483... also check out my work on Facebook @nailed by Jenn at salon concepts

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Salon Concepts Colerain
3657 Stone Creek Blvd.
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  • Manicure - Soak,trim,file,buff, cuticles removed, lotion and oil, hand massage and your choice of polish
  • Shellac Manicure - Soak, trim, file, buff, cuticles removed, oil, lotion, hand massage and your choice of shellac
  • Acrylic Fill-In - Acrylic fill in with regular polish
  • Acrylic Full Set - Full set tips with acrylic and regular polish
  • Acrylic Nail Removal
  • Acrylic Nail Repair - $3 each repair 2 for $5
  • Acrylic Overlay - Acrylic overlay over natural nails with regular polish
  • Child Pedicure - Soak, trim, file, oil , lotion and choice of polish
  • Childrens Manicure - Soak, trim, file, buff cuticle removal, oil, lotion and regular polish
  • Combo Mani/Pedi - Regular manicure,regular pedicure
  • Express Pedicure - Soak,trim, file, buff,cuticles removed, lotion/oil, leg and foot massage and reg polish
  • French Polish - French manicure regular polish
  • Gel Fill-In - Gel/shellac fill in over acrylic
  • Gel Full Set - Full set with tips with shellac/gel polish
  • Gel Polish Removal & Manicure - Removal of gel/shellac and reg manicure
  • Men's Manicure - Soak,trim,cuticles removed,filed shape and clear Men's top coat
  • Men's Pedicure - Soak,trim,file,cuticles removed,calluses removed,hot oil,lotion,hot towel, foot and leg massage and clear coat
  • Advanced pedicure - Soak,trim,file,shape,buff, cuticle removal,sea salt scrub, callus removal, hot oil and lotion, leg and foot massage,hot towel and your choice of polish
  • Nail Art Design - Depending on design prices start at 2 nails for $5, and price goes up from there
  • Nail Repair - All nail repairs start at $3 each nail
  • Paraffin Add-on - Warm paraffin moisturizers for healthier looking,softer skin. Warm paraffin wax treatments are fast-acting, drug free and versatile, providing heat therapy for many different applications from arthritis joint pain relief to salon hand, foot services
  • Pedicure with Gel Polish - Soak,trim,file,buff, cuticles removed, calluses removed, hot oil and lotion, hot towel,leg and foot massage and shellac polish
  • Polish Change - Fingers - Trim,file and reg polish
  • Polish Change - Toes - Trim, file and ur choice of regular polish
  • Pink & White Full Set - Pink & White
  • Pink & White Fill- In - Pink & White Fill
  • SNS Powder Dip Nails - Sky dip powder